Commands, Laws and Principles


When you talk about Biblical Economics the system you want is God’s economic system where the basis is love.  You can also read about the Babylonian system in the Bible, but it’s not the system you want to be under because this system is based on selfishness, fear and greed.

As you will learn from this series, the Babylonian system stems from Noah’s two sons, Ham and Japheth who decided to build a society without God.  Shem on the other hand decided to follow God and from his seed you get all of the other great patriots.  This teaching reminds you that without God and obedience to His laws, you can do nothing.  God’s laws are based on seedtime and harvest.  When you get involved with the process, you receive a harvest on what you’ve sown.  As you will learn, there is something wrong with a system that says you ought to receive when you don’t sow.  God did not make exceptions for the poor regarding tithes and offerings.  He expects everyone to get involved.  God gets involved with our seed sown.  Do you want to abound and have all sufficiency?  Do you want your seed sown to multiply?  Then give as the Lord instructs and do it with a cheerful heart.  This teaching will really bless you.


Speaker: Bishop Keith A. Butler

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